YOVA Curriculum

A Christian boarding school that provides support for children and teens who are academically and behavioral challenged and find it difficult to function in the traditional school setting.

YOVA Admission

Youth of Vision Academy helps students learn to take responsibility for their actions and develop a positive self-concept, enabling them to learn, to hope, to dream, and work toward leading happy, and meaningful lives.

Services Offered


We offer one-on-one sessions that are specifically tailored to the individual needs of each student.

We offer mediation and family sessions that are focused on restoring broken relationships and bringing about healing and reconciliation.

We use thorough and scientifically sound models to help students independently modify their behaviors.

Spiritual Enrichment

Students are actively engaged in daily worship activities which take place twice daily (morning and evening) and attend church on a weekly basis. Our school chaplain provides one-on-one or group bible studies to students on demand. Many of our students other spiritually enriched group activities such as: Pathfinders, Master Guides, choir, singles group etc.

Academic Enrichment

YOVA uses an accredited computer-based program of learning to assist students with core subjects while they work on their behavioral issues. Our team of qualified teachers are on hand to monitor their growth on a daily basis. YOVA offers SAT and GED preparatory classes and provides a range of extracurricular activities. A vocational program in conjunction with the Ministry of Education is also available.

Core Competencies & Strengths

  • We offer a safe and nurturing environment
  • We offer a tailored approach that successfully meets the needs of students of all race, gender or ethnicity
  • We attract and retain Experienced and qualified staff members who are trained to cater to the unique needs of students struggling with Reactive Attachment Disorder, adoption issues and childhood trauma.
  • To secure and maintain the stakeholder engagement on the part of parents in the healing process for each student.
  • To stimulate, build and nurture altruism within each student through their participation and involvement in community outreach, as well as spiritual enrichment programs.
  • Students can engage in job training as well as vocational programs.
  • We are strategically located outside of the United States on the tropical island of Jamaica, which is only 1 hr. & 45 minutes away from Miami and has two international airports within very close proximity.
  • We cater to students ages 8-18 who struggle with behavioral problems.
  • The ideals of a healthy lifestyle are promoted and intricately interwoven in the daily meals and activities
  • Staff to student ratio 2:1
  • Students can participate in online self-paced education and individual learning plan.
  • Students are involved in extracurricular activities: Horse-back riding, arts, and crafts, music, etc.

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