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My name is Calesha Hylton, a social worker for over 13 years. The helping profession has been a passion from High School, hence it was no brainer to do counseling/Social Worker as a carer which I truly believe
is my purpose in helping to help people themselves.

I have worked in Jamaica as well as the Turks and Caicos Islands and the experiences have been life changing, in that it is a catalyst to your own growth and development.

My position at YOVA as a counselor will undoubtedly be rewarding, yet challenging in helping to rehabilitate young men/women to effect changes in their lives and by extension the society. It is my desire that God will use me as first a witness and an instrument through which a metamorphosis may be the experience with the young minds with whom I will counsel, motivate, and educate on a daily basis. I them to believe that its never too late to be what they might have been.