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Mr. Noel Reid has over fifteen years working in reform education. Mr. Reid’s lives and breathes his life’s calling to positively impact the lives of behaviorally challenged youth. Mr. Reid believes strongly that the rehabilitation of youth, and the restoration to their rightful place as respectful, resourceful and reciprocal students can only be achieved with a holistic approach and community involvement. He operates under the guiding principle of It takes a village and so his conviction is that “There is no problem in community that cannot be solved by the community”. Thereby underscoring the need for a cohesive partnership between the child, the school (faculty and staff) and parents.


  • A military trained professional with extensive experience leading diverse teams.
  • An extraordinary leader with impeccable analytical skills and keen attention to detail. He embodies the Christ-Centered leadership model and is always ready to add value to lives.
  • Over 15 Yrs. of experience working with at-risk youth
  • BA, in Theology; Master of Business Administration (MBA); Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MACP); Ph.D., Psychology (c)
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Certified in Crisis Prevention Intervention
  • Completed extensive research in the area of Attachment Theory
  • Motivational speaker and mentor